Sling Library Sessions

Cuddle Up Slings run a number of sling library sessions for people to access carrier help, advise and optional hire services. Our fully qualified and insured carrying educators will help you carry safely and confidently. We make everyone aware that our people are volunteers, they train and help in their own time and are not paid, they do this as they are passionate about helping families.

Sling library sessions can be very busy, please be aware that we try and see people in order of arrival, but can only spend a limited amount of time with each family during busy sessions. If you require more time or a less busy and public environment our one to one service would be more suitable, please see that page for more details.

Library Sessions

Library sessions are designed to help families access information about safe and comfortable carrying as well as offering a chance to try before you buy. There are so many slings and carriers on the market and quite simply what works for one person does not necessarily work for another. Our experienced team of volunteers can help you work through and try options they think will work for you and your family based on the information you give them.

We do not charge for the advice you receive at a library session, however see each venue for specific play charges. No appointment is need, our volunteers will see everyone in order of their arrival, however if the session busy and people are wanting similar advice we may ask you to join into a group. We provide demonstration dolls for you to practice your new skills and would ask everyone to ensure they have a Cuddle Up team member with them before they try with their own child. Sling hire is available at all sessions for a fixed term fee, for more information please see that section of the website or ask any of our team.

Our aim is to help everyone who visits a library session to leave feeling comfortable and confident using their chosen sling or carrier. However, if you find the library session is not for you or you would prefer not to have to wait at a drop in session we offer one to one appointments or regular workshops, please ask for more information or see the website for details.